Hello and welcome! Thank you for taking an interest in our travels! We are so excited to start our adventure and cannot wait to start posting! Please take this time to check out the layout of our site. There is an about us page and location information. We have a contact us menu tab so please feel free to reach out to us. Whether you’re a friend, family member, co worker, acquaintance, or stranger please feel free to shoot us an e-mail to say hi! We also have a subscribe button over in the right sidebar so you can follow our blog. Thank you everyone for all your support and we can’t wait to hit the road! 14 days and counting!!!


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. So so Proud of you Both, Have a Great New Adventure. . Always have Faith that God will see you through it all. .It takes a lot of Faith and Courage to do what the Two of you are doing.. A once in a Lifetime chance to be in the place where you are. . Love You.😊 Both. .Can’t wait to see Pics and read about your Journey. .


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