“Is this really happening?” As I walked out of my job of almost 8 years with tears in my eyes from saying goodbye it hits me, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! While simultaneously tying up loose ends andtrying to spend as much time as possible with family and friends, the time has slipped away. All of the preparation for this trip has been a roller coaster of emotions, at least for me. The only way I’ve been able to summarize it in my head is by stages. I call it the 5 stages of backpacking. It’s kind of like the 5 stages of grieving just less dramatic…well knowing me maybe not so much.

Stage 1: Information Overload, it’s kind of like a low grade panic. There are so many different topics to research as I sat and stared at my computer trying to comprehend why travel underwear sells for $20 a pair. I ended up getting overwhelmed causing me to procrastinate…. On everything…

Stage 2: Where on Earth Do We Start, exactly as described. Every travel blog says start at “point A” but all of their “point A’s” are different. Sometimes I just wanted to put a blind-fold on and throw a dart at a map and BOOM decision made, book the flight.

Stage 3: Packing Party, where I have no idea what to pack. The “party” stems from the enormous amount of boxes I had in our room. I thought, “Better to have options”. So I bought multiple varieties causing me to have too many options like 20 different hats. After the lengthy processing narrowing it down to one, the unworthy sat in a corner awaiting for me to return them. Then I would second guess myself on whether or not I made the right decision because, let’s face it, that hat with the neck shade would be so much more practical.

Stage 4: Is This Really Happening, this is the current stage of, oh snap we still have a hundred things to do on the list and we leave in a week!!!

And lastly, Stage 5: …which is to be determined. I’m assuming it will be a mix of emotions. Sadness, anexity, execitiment, fear, and what ever else I feel before I sedate myself for the plane ride.

Nonetheless, we are blessed to be experiencing this in our lives. Our first stop is Rio De Janiero, Brazil. We are arriving on the 30th so we will be there for New Years. Not as big as Carnival but from what I’ve heard it’s like New York’s Times Square multiplied by 10. If anyone has been there before please shoot us some advice or if you know someone who knows someone’s brother who is a Brazilian that would be cool too. Or were pretty good at winging it, plus it usually makes for a good story…


3 thoughts on “Seven Days and Counting

  1. Let me know if you need help with any travel tips! I’ve been gone for over 3.5 months now, seen 20 countries so far & have learned A LOT along the way. I too did South America this time last year for 7 weeks.


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