Patagonia is a popular destination for travelers with an urge to explore the great outdoors, making it one of Uriah’s most anticipated destinations. But before we get started on WHAT exactly Patagonia is, let me explain to you HOW we made it apart of our journey.

      Although most travelers conquer this area by combination of planes and buses, Uriah’s dream was to travel by car. So Uriah did his amazing Uriah thing and slaved for hours and hours online to find the best possible deal on a rental car for our trip throughout Patagonia. Having your own set of wheels gives you the freedom to explore everywhere you want opposed to dealing with horrendous bus schedules and only being able to explore the specific towns that the buses go to. At first, we thought okay all these travel sites say that “X” town offers the best deals. Well my friends, not so simple. Uriah looked up probably every town within Argentina and Southern Chile and THEN once he found a decent price, modified it even further to find the absolute best deal. Although I make fun of him often for his mathematical, over analytical brain, it really truly pays off. We, being Uriah, found a hidden gem in Southern Chile in the the town of Puerto Montt.

    Now let me give a little background story of WHAT Patagonia is, for those who are unfamiliar, as was I. The non-google Brittany definition is : eh hem : The southern part of Argentina and Chile. It has various landscapes ranging from desertsIMG_20160217_162710

to icy mountain tops.


     Inside this area you have A CRAP TON of national parks with the most beautiful sceneries you can possibly imagine. You can hike every mountain and glacier available and still be taken by surprise at the beauty the views have to offer. On the Argentine side you have the main road which is Rute 40, basically running north to south. Kind of like the U.S. Route 66. The highway itself is not in the best shape, although slowly but surely being paved and constructed on. The road is mostly along a steppe-like, wide open terrain with vast nothingness for as far as the eye can see. Scattered with the overpopulated, local Guanaco, similar to a llama.


Sometimes you will be lucky and see a Rhea, ostrich like animal, or even small foxes.


The drive itself on this long highway is pretty boring. Which, for us, allowed some exploring of our weird sides to fill in the countless hours of driving. But, once you cut over west towards the parks it is like you’ve landed in a different world. So many trails that when you’re done with the trip it guarantees to make any scrawny legged person have calves of steel!

IMG_20160228_132750.jpg    Then, jumping back on the highway you can travel all the way down until you get to the most southern point of the world, Ushuaia. This is where the cruise ships leave to go to Antarctica. Rute 3 then brings you all the way up the eastern coast where the sea life flourishes. Sea lions, penguins, whales, you name it, it’s there.IMG_20160314_124309

Jump over to the southern Chilean side, and you have the beautiful road called the Carretera Austral (Rute 7). Popular for cycling and for a good reason. Here, it is the opposite of Rute 40 and the views themselves are worth the drive alone. Huge waterfalls and crystal blue lakes line the sometimes scary cliff side drive.IMG_20160319_190355

My description probably does it no justice, but I wanted to try and paint a picture before we dive into the stories.

Don’t forget all the pictures from the Patagonia trip are uploaded into the interactive map. Just in case you want a peak before the stories!

Happy travels from U and B!


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