Feb. 21st- 22nd

 Getting to Los Antiguos just at dark we stopped in to the first, and only, campground in town. A little more expensive than we were hoping, but not having much of an option given the time of day it was. These campgrounds actually had cemented areas that featured a table and fireplace/cooking area, fancy fancy. We picked out our spot and unpacked the car. I made some brinner, fresh picked blueberry pancakes, and we hit the hay.

          The next morning, we didn’t really want to stay given the expense, but had A LOT of stuff we needed to get done. And when I say “we” I mean “me” doing copious amounts of laundry for hours.IMG_20160221_131207

Sounds quite simple except for when you do it all by hand out of a small bucket, it tends to take quite a while. After all the chores were done I was rewarded by a Uriah-made delicious breakfast.


We headed over to the big lake to have a nice afternoon stroll. Very windy, but a nice view of the large General Carrera Lake. IMG_20160221_175447

Then up to the local mirador (look-out point) and got to see a good view of the lake and town together. IMG_20160221_192637

On the way back down, we came across a few side dirt roads. Uriah and I had been talking for awhile about me semi-learning how to drive a stick shift for emergency situations. He seemed to think that that time was a good opportunity. Now that I know he took it way too seriously, I probably wouldn’t have opted in for it. Long story short after my “lesson” he refused to drive until I drove on the main road. After some bickering, he had me driving on the main (not a large one but still main) road and I was pretty much yelling at how mad I was, given I didn’t feel comfortable. Luckily nothing crazy happened except getting some crazy looks from horses…who were PASSING me.

          Heading back to the campground, we wanted to find some wifi. The only restaurant in town that seemed to have it was a fancier type. So we strolled in, glanced at a menu, and secretly put the wifi password into our phones. We then proceeded to sit outside in our car and use the fancy wifi with not so fancy speed. Back at the campground, Uriah needed to cut his hair. He’s cheap so this shouldn’t surprise you. Luckily there was not too many people staying at the grounds because he was in his underwear for 2 hours in the main restroom where the wind was so strong it was slamming open and close the door. Ah the joys of living out of a car…

          We woke up the next morning putting some pep in our step. We had paid upon entering for one night, but no one had approached us about the second night. Our hopes were that if we left early enough then we would get a BOGO (buy one get one free) night. We left without a word and got some groceries for the journey ahead.

With our usual back road route of course we had a beautiful drive back out to Rute 40.


         Filled with sheep, foxes, guanacos, flamingos, rabbits, and horses.IMG_20160222_151621

We got to stop by some crystal clear river crossings and spent the night in a canyon, getting to see a spectacular eerie moon rise. IMG_20160222_205138

We got to experience with cooking in my lap, of which I am a professional now, and decided not to set up the tent in the middle of the road. IMG_20160222_215802

We cranked the seats back and shimmied into our sleeping bags. The next morning we quickly headed back on the road and made our way to the awe inspiring Cueva de Los Manos (Cave of Hands). Happy travels from U and B!

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