Jan. 24th- 27th I know I am behind on the old Patagonia posts (and the rest of 2016), but it’s a new year right? I will still slowly be working on my old posts, but I figured I should write on our current travels while everything is still fresh. Year #2 of our travels started … Continue reading Singapore


Singapore Photos

Two weeks was not nearly enough time to explore this beautiful "City in a Garden". Stories coming soon! Click Here to go directly or... Click on the dots to view photos or zoom out to see photos from other places we have visited!

Cave of Hands

Feb. 23rd Driving through another beautiful canyon we arrived to the famous Cueva de los Manos, Cave of Hands. The office where we signed in also doubled as an extremely through museum which gave us a good history on the people who once inhabited the area and also information about the terrain itself. The site … Continue reading Cave of Hands

Los Antiguos

Feb. 21st- 22nd  Getting to Los Antiguos just at dark we stopped in to the first, and only, campground in town. A little more expensive than we were hoping, but not having much of an option given the time of day it was. These campgrounds actually had cemented areas that featured a table and fireplace/cooking … Continue reading Los Antiguos

Los Alerces National Park

Feb. 17th-20th      Pulling into a town called Esquel, the launching point of Los Alerces National Park, we did a quick trip into the tourist office to find out some information on this unknowingly massive park. We stopped by the grocery store to stock up, and then had to try a few banks to … Continue reading Los Alerces National Park

Bariloche Take 2

Feb. 16th-17th Awaking to a beautiful, peaceful view of the lake right outside our tent,we quickly got ready to have a packed day exploring the circuit Chico. Our first stop was a popular mirador at Cerro Campanario where there were two options to get to the top, a gondola ride or hike up. So, why … Continue reading Bariloche Take 2

Easter Island Photos

The photos are up on the interactive map for Easter Island! Please excuse the copious amount of sunset pictures, I couldn't help myself! Don't forget you can zoom out to see other pictures or our current location!

First Drive Out

Feb. 14th-  15th     Ah, the romantic time of Valentine’s day. The flowers, chocolate, and romantic candle lit dinner... Then I wake up and realize, we’re in Puerto Montt, Chile and need to leave TODAY. We finish loading the car, said our goodbyes, and hit the road. Wait, we still need a cooler, so … Continue reading First Drive Out

Our 4, 661 Mile Patagonia Journey

On the 40 day car rental trip through Patagonia we drove exactly 4,661 miles ( 7,501 km) and slept in a room for 4 nights, the tent for 10 nights, and in the front seats of Maria for 26 nights. The journey was incredible and filled with many fun adventures. Although the stories are in … Continue reading Our 4, 661 Mile Patagonia Journey