Hello! We are so thrilled to have you sharing our travels with us! It took a lot of work to get this site up and running and we greatly appreciate you taking an interest in it. We are finally achieving our goal of traveling the world and it has always been a key ingredient in our relationship.

Our relationship started in 2013 where we met at a country bar through a mutual friend. 

Although Brittany’s awesome dance moves helped, we connected instantly and have been in love ever since. We share many interests, but the love of music, dancing, and the outdoors has always been the strongest.

Although we love hiking when it’s not 100 degrees in Florida, kayaking is what we do best. It is a hobby Uriah contributed to the relationship and has given us so many awesome memories. It has made us appreciate the environment more than we could have ever imaged and made us a lot more conscience of our footprint. It has also grown a love of wildlife on us. There is just something extremely refreshing about paddling out to where the only thing you can hear is the sound of nature. IMG_3529.2015-02-16_165634. .

All these things have made our urge for traveling more dominant. We ALWAYS talked about what it would be like to do some long term traveling. We had multiple hypothetical conversations about what we would do where, until one day we just looked at each other and said, why not? Well.. Not exactly like that but you get the jist. We came to the realization that we need to stop talking about wanting to do it AND JUST DO IT. Come to find out it’s really not that hard to do. Now don’t furrow your eyebrows because it’s really not. The hardest thing is the WILLINGNESS to do it. You have to be WILLING to be strict about money, and I mean strict. You have to be WILLING to just get up and leave everything, family, friends, jobs, life, all of it. Everyone has the potential and hopefully we use this site not only to share our stories with you, but to help you realize that it really is an achievable dream for everyone as well.

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