Feb. 23rd

Driving through another beautiful canyon we arrived to the famous Cueva de los Manos, Cave of Hands. IMG_20160223_140844The office where we signed in also doubled as an extremely through museum which gave us a good history on the people who once inhabited the area and also information about the terrain itself. The site was with a guide only, even though they had an extreme amount of high fencing. We found out later that they have had problems with locals and graffiti. We entered with our English speaking guide who gave wonderful information on the site and answered all the questions everyone asked, which was mostly me. Unfortunately, in our group we had some dingos who kept trying to smoke. The guide kept telling them it wasn’t allowed, but he would say something along the lines of, “I don’t care how it affects other people, I’m an addict.” ::thumbs up::: The cliff side hike was long and interesting, stopping off at many different sites.IMG_20160223_145056 The typical painted hands were astonishing to see, especially when you think about how they made them from dye deriving from plants and animal fat. There were also many animals and designs drawn to display old traditions and beliefs.

The guide even said that there were tons of other sites in the same canyon, but were not open to the public because they were still being excavated. Towards the end of the hike she even pointed out to us our first chinchilla.IMG_20160223_150708

We got back out on the road to tried to make it to our next destination, the Perito Moreno National Park. Not to be confused with the huge famous glacier that is in the south of Argentina with the same name. Happy travels from U & B! 


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